YOKOHAMA in Poland

An official distributor of YOKOHAMA premium tyres in Poland and also representative of Japanese producer is ITR CEE Ltd. In addition to Polish market, YOKOHAMA tyres in ITR CEE distribution are also available in other Central-East European countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Kaliningrad (Russia), Bulgaria and Moldova.

The main assumptions of company strategy are increasing YOKOHAMA brand awareness, building an effective distribution network and constant increase of sales of passenger, light-truck and truck & bus tyres on these markets. Since a couple of years, in company's portfolio there are also OTR and industrial tyres as well as motorsport tyres. Currently ITR CEE office is located in Warsaw with warehouse in Mlochow by Nadarzyn.

ITR CEE belongs to Japanese group ITOCHU. ITOCHU is a global general trade company with around 120 subsidiaries in 63 countries. It was established in 1858 and since 1949 functions in current model. It is second biggest Japanese general trade organization, classified on 206th place on Forbes 500 list from 2015.

YOKOHAMA in the world

Yokohama Rubber Co. is seventh biggest tyre producer in the world. In portfolio of established in 1917 company there are passenger, sports, light-truck, truck & bus, OTR and airplane tyres. Tyres are the leading branch of YOKOHAMA production but also other rubber products can be found in its portfolio and they are utilized in e.g. building, aviation, sports industries and in daily existence.

Tyres are produced in 13 factories (5 in Japan, 2 in USA and China and 1 in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Russia).

YOKOHAMA pays a special attention to research and development, employing over 1000 people in R&D centres and investing around 100 mln USD per year. Tyres are tested in various conditions in Daigo or Takasu and also locally - in Europe summer tyres are tested on Nuerburgring track in Germany, while winter in Nattberg in Sweden.

YOKOHAMA tyres are placed in premium segment and are specially appreciated by sports and luxury cars enthusiasts. Satisfying the needs of this group is an important part of YOKOHAMA product strategy.

You can find more information on YOKOHAMA on the websites listed below:

YOKOHAMA Global: global.yokohamatire.net

YOKOHAMA Europe: yokohama-online.com

YRC Corporation website: yrc.co.jp

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